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Blocked Drains

What are the early signs of a blocked drain?
  • Offensive smells or gurgling sounds from your toilet when flushing.
  • The toilet can be slow to drain or
  • You may notice the water level in the bowl changing.
Blocked drains are unpleasant, can lead to an unnecessary water leak and can become a potential health hazard.

What are likely causes of blocked drains? Often the result of tree roots searching for moisture. Initially tree roots can invade through tiny cracks in the pipe but as the tree roots grow within the pipe they begin to catch any foreign objects within the drain system. This begins as a partial blockage within the drain but eventually leads to a complete blockage over time. Other causes of a blocked drain include grease and fat build up from kitchen sinks, hair deposits from shower, bath or basins and foreign objects being flushed down toilets.

Whatever the cause of the blockage Doherty Plumbing Solutions have the expertise to promptly resolve the issue with minimal disruption to you.

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Drain Repairs

When are some circumstances where a drain cannot be cleared?
  • The drain may be severely invaded by tree roots leading to a complete blockage.
  • The drain may be cracked by movement of the ground around the drain or
  • the drain may have collapsed under the weight of heavy machinery or vehicles. This can mean a small section of the drain needs to be repaired or if damage is severe the drain may need to be replaced.
Our specialist drain team will expertly diagnose the problem and effectively communicate what is needed to reach a solution.

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Drain Camera Inspections

Most drain blockages are resolved without the need for a camera inspection. Occasionally drain blockages can persist. We have drain camera’s available that can accurately diagnose the problem if required. Whatever the cause of the blockage and the severity Doherty Plumbing Solutions have the skills and knowledge to promptly resolve the issue and we clean up after ourselves when we’re done.

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Septic Systems

Some outer suburbs of Melbourne still rely on a septic system to manage their sewer waste. There are many septic system variations so you will need highly skilled plumbers who have the knowledge and expertise to resolve any problems that arise.

So choose the dependable team of plumbers at Doherty Plumbing Solutions.03 9877 5775

Sewer / Stormwater Cappings

If you are about to demolish an existing dwelling ready for a brand new build . . . then you need Doherty Plumbing Solutions!

We provide stress free sewer and stormwater cappings for demolitions. Ring our friendly office staff who will explain the process and provide you with a FREE QUOTATION! 03 9877 5775

Client Testimonials

Highly recommend Doherty Plumbing Solutions. I want to thank you for your efficiency and prompt resolution of a difficult, unpleasant and extensive plumbing problem. Your diligence and professionalism was appreciated.

- Prue - South Yarra

We have used Doherty Plumbing Solutions twice in the last few months, and on both occasions we have found staff to be friendly, polite and professional. The plumber arrived on time, called before hand, quotation was reasonable, costs were expected, work area was left clean and tidy. Your magnet is on the fridge door and we'd definitely use you again although we hope not to have to!

- Michael & Trish - Mt Dandenong

I am thankful to find a plumber with experience and knowledge of our complex septic / grey water system. They were able to quickly locate the blockage within the sandfilter and successfully clear it. Sound advice was also given and we will be sure to call you should future plumbing problems arise.

- Alex - Warrandyte

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