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When is Mains Water Pipe Renewal necessary?

Mains water repairs would not be a cost the customer would cover as it is the public water authority that is responsible for any repairs to the mains. The water mains pipe supplies water from your local water authority to your home. The pipelines that run from the water meter on your property to your home are the homeowner’s responsibility and this is where Doherty Plumbing Solutions can assist with your water renewal services.

Mains Water Pipe Renewal Melbourne
Domestic Water Mains Renewal Services

Symptoms for diagnosing your water renewal service:

  • Stains in your plumbing appliances or washing
  • Orange rust stains on the outside of your pipes
  • Water has an unpleasant or metallic taste
  • Irregular discoloured water
  • Poor water pressure or water flow
  • Blocked filters
  • Tap water has high levels of zinc or iron

Water supply to your property comes via a water meter that is connected to the main public water supply. If your main water line is in trouble, you might not notice until you notice water leaking or a reduction of water pressure. A leaky main pipe or burst pipes could result in a lot of water loss with a high water bill that is both costly and bad for the environment. It’s a good idea to inspect your main line every few years.

Plumbing is a very important part of any home. Australian homeowners expect clean drink water to be always available on demand. When something goes wrong with the plumbing, you want it to be fixed as soon as possible. When you choose Doherty Plumbing, you are choosing the best. Doherty Plumbing has highly trained plumbers that can handle any type of plumbing problem. If you want to know more about Doherty Plumbing, contact them today.

Water Line Leaks

Water line leaks can be perplexing and demanding because you have to look out for several factors when determining if you have a leak there, where it is, and how best to repair it. The most common sign of a water line leak is, of course, when you see water coming up from the ground, into your street, on your footpath, or coming in via your foundations. You might see water coming up in front of your home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your leak is coming from your water line. Water is always going to find the easiest way to get to the surface, so it may not necessarily be coming from your water line.

Our Melbourne Plumbers

Our qualified Doherty Plumbing team are trained to undertake all types of water supply construction works. This includes connecting, renovating, changing, eradicating, and maintaining water pressure pipes and sewer pipes, storm water drainage systems, and underground fire service lines. Our plumbers are fully licensed, receive training and adhere to Victorian standards.

For responsive and professional water renewal services call Doherty Plumbing Solutions 03 9877 5775

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    Very happy with service provided by Brian and his team. I have used many times over recent years, always turn up on time, courteous and friendly, excellent tradesmen, and clean up when finished. Highly recommend.

    IanM Avatar

    Finally I found the best in town. Very reasonable and honest. George was absolutely fantastic. Great job mate. Nice to see some genuine people. Highly recommended. Thank you thank you thank you

    Suresh De Silva Avatar
    Suresh De Silva

    Excellent work by Bryan and George to fix loose piping work that runs to the sewer pit including concrete patch which was left in a hopeless condition by tradies before. Very down to earth and honest plumbers i have worked with and pricing very reasonable. I am calling them for a few more jobs as well. Highly recommended.

    Mohan Kumar Avatar
    Mohan Kumar
    For reliable plumbing services, call 03 9877 5775 or 0417 577 432