Check your rainwater tank – springtime outdoor plumbing

Rainwater tank plumbing – Blackburn

Our customer from Blackburn noticed water leaking through the plastic moulding of one of their rainwater tanks. Turns out, it had been repaired before, but the issue persisted.

On closer inspection, our Doherty Plumbing Solutions crew concluded that it was a manufacturing defect. We advised the customer to disconnect the affected rainwater tank and continue with one rainwater tank. They were ok to proceed accordingly.

The faulty tank was disconnected, and the water supply was re-routed to the existing overflow of the second rainwater tank.

Our plumbing professional also looked at the rainwater tank’s pump, which was not functional. The error was in the suction line. We rectified the issue promptly, and the pump was back in working order.

Rainwater tank maintenance – Hawthorn

We recently attended a customer’s property to urgently fix a broken rainwater tank pipeline. The 100mm 90-degree PVC spout beside the property’s rainwater tank was cracked.

Our plumber exposed the earth to cut and remove the damaged 100×90 degree bend. We discussed suitable options with the customer, and supplied and fitted a new 100×90 bend, securely glued into position.

We also removed all rubbish from the site, to clean up the work area afterwards.

Why should we install a rainwater tank?

Simply put, installing a rainwater tank helps manage our water resources more effectively. This brings a multitude of benefits.

We can reuse the natural rainwater collected in these tanks, including in toilets and laundries, as well as for gardening. This saves our precious water resources, while reducing water bills for the household or commercial establishments.

Finding a suitable location for installing rainwater tanks is important. Options can include an above or under the ground surface rainwater tank, or as a sub-floor system. An additional rainwater tank system enables circulation of the stored rainwater throughout the property.

Barring the initial cost of buying and installing the rainwater tank system and rainwater pumps, this aids in potentially saving more money in the long-run.

Rainwater tank plumbing – things to look out for

Regular maintenance of the different components of a rainwater tank and pump system can help prevent surprises.

  • Leaf and other organic debris from vegetation growing around the rainwater tank system can make their way into the pipelines, as well as blocking the downpipes. To keep this litter away, fitting mesh coverings or strainers are recommended across the inlets/outlets of the tank system.
  • Keeping roof gutters and downspouts clean, or installing filters, is also paramount, which will ensure no organic debris flow into the rainwater tank.
  • First flush diverters are another guarding device, which separates contaminants like bird droppings, dirt, etc., and prevents build-up of brown water in the tank. These are installed on the inlet to the rainwater tank.
  • If the stored water in the tank system is stagnant for too long, or gets mixed with debris and other sediments, it could lead to a foul smell and reduce the water quality. Mosquitos could also use this as a breeding ground. Therefore, the tank needs to be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Pipes connecting the rainwater tank could also be damaged or cracked. Improper alignment of these pipes, as well the tank’s foundation, could be other issues, preventing proper flow of the water.
  • The rainwater pump is another important component of this system that needs to be checked and cleaned. If the pump pressure falls, or its working parts (such as suction points, valves, etc.) begin to falter, these need immediate attention.

Professional rainwater plumbing specialists – Doherty Plumbing Solutions

We understand that essential services need to be maintained so you can go about your regular routine without hiccups. We guarantee a rapid response to your enquiries.

Contact us to discuss your rainwater tank plumbing concerns. As licensed plumbers, the Doherty Plumbing Solutions team stand by the quality of our workmanship.

We will communicate effectively with you to keep you informed at all times.

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