Help! Heavy Rain Causing Plumbing Problems

Doherty Plumbing Solutions can assist you with plumbing issues caused by heavy rain. Read how we’ve assisted customers with water pooling and blocked stormwater drainage.

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We recently visited a customer’s property to investigate an issue they reported – water pooling in their courtyard and garage after heavy rainfall.

Our team at Doherty Plumbing Solutions conducted a thorough inspection and identified the problem: blocked and overflowing stormwater drainage caused by tree roots. To resolve the issue, we deployed two- and three-inch cutters and the drain machine, successfully clearing the roots.

During our visit, the customer also requested a check-up of their downpipes and roof gutters. Our plumbing crew discovered that sections of the guttering and downpipes were covered in debris, so we diligently cleaned them to prevent any potential blockages. With everything back to normal, the property was ready for the next downpour.

Stumped by the range of plumbing problems arising when it rains?

Here are six common plumbing issues that can arise during the wet weather.

  1. Blocked drains and sewers due to organic debris and sediments carried in by rainwater. This can result in overflowing gutters, downpipes, and leakage in the ceiling, as well as wet spots on walls.
  2. Increased moisture can promote the growth of longer tree roots, which may infiltrate the pipe network and cause clogs.
  3. Blocked pipes can lead to backflow of sewer water in gardens and backyards, resulting in water pooling. Stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, posing health risks.
  4. Heavy water pressure during rainfall can damage pipe positions and alignments, including cracks and leaks. Water erosion can shift the ground surface and affect the pipeline
  5. Water pumps may struggle to keep up with the influx of water, leading to overworking and potential damage. Debris accumulation over time can also impact the efficiency of pump filters.
  6. When multiple issues occur simultaneously, it can lead to flooding around the property due to poor drainage, as excess rainwater has nowhere to go.

What should I do to prevent heavy rainfall affecting the plumbing system?

  1. Stay proactive by regularly checking, cleaning, and maintaining your plumbing connections and drainage fixtures.
  2. Install filters along pipelines and grates, as well as fitted gutter guards, to prevent obstructions from sedimentation and foreign objects.
  3. Ensure tight seals on exposed cracks around the property structure, such as roof flashings and skylight rims, to prevent rainwater entry.
  4. Regularly trim hedges and vegetation near your property to minimize the risk of leaves and organic debris causing drain blockages. Avoid planting trees too close to pipes to prevent root-related issues.
  5. For information on minimising foundation movement and protecting your building structure, refer to this resource: Victorian Building Authority.

Remember, it’s always wise to seek help from professional plumbing services like Doherty Plumbing Solutions. We can provide expert advice and assistance in tackling these issues, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

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Contact our team for an affordable and reliable plumbing health check for your property before the wet weather arrives.
Our licensed plumbers have extensive experience in handling maintenance and repair works for plumbing fixtures in both commercial and residential properties, ensuring they are prepared for seasonal rains.

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