How do I know if I have a gas leak?

Gas Plumbing Chadstone

A customer in Chadstone reported a gas leak in their DUX hot water unit. Our licensed gas plumbers attended the call fast.

The Doherty Plumbing Solutions team investigated the unit and found the gas cock supply to the hot water unit was leaking, due to a loose compression nut. The existing compression nut was tightened, and soapy water test carried out around the appliance’s connections. Everything was found back to working order.

Everything was tested, and all was ok! The heater was now functioning perfectly relying on a gas booster unit.

How do you know if there is a gas leak?

A potential gas leak is not always easy to detect – it may not make a sound or is easily smelt/seen. Moreover, there could be a danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

So, having a professional gas plumber inspect all gas appliances and pipelines regularly will ensure their safety and efficiency. Where required, they may also advise you on long-term fixes and the correct upgrades.

Observing these tell-tale signs might mean calling a licensed gas plumber for renewal/repair of your gas units and connections in Melbourne.

  • Physical manifestations
    A gas leak can be deceiving. A rotten egg-like stench in your property, and residents suffering from flu-like symptoms, including headache, nausea, muscle pain and weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness or chest pain, could indicate a potential gas spillage.
  • Gas output
    Erratic gas output, and when appliances start burning a yellow flame, could be signs of a problem in the supply line. A safely burning gas flame is bluish yellow in colour.
  • Hissing noise
    A hissing sound from a point in the gas connection or a gas appliance means there might be a leak. This requires an immediate fix, with the help of an expert gas plumber.
  • Unusual gas bills
    If you suspect the monthly gas bills at your household or workplace are inconsistent with the usage, this higher-than-normal amount could be a sign of faulty gas lines.
  • Decomposing plant matter
    Dead/decomposing/withering vegetation in spots around your property’s gas mains and connecting pipes could be a giveaway of gas line malfunctions.
  • Old, galvanized pipes
    Outdated galvanized gas pipes run the risk of corrosion and rusting, which need replacement in the long run to avoid gas leakage that might cause a health hazard.

More information:

When your hot wat

For the latest gas safety information from Energy Safe Victoria, please visit the following links:

You can also contact Energy Safe Victoria via info@energysafe.vic.gov.au or call 03 9203 9700 or 1800 800 158 (freecall). For any emergencies, please always dial 000.

How can Doherty Plumbing Solutions help?

As your local gasfitting experts in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, our licensed and experienced gas plumbing professionals here at Doherty Plumbing Solutions can locate and safely carry out necessary repairs/renewals of all types of gas lines and appliances. We will provide you with a Gas Safety Report on completion of work.

Get in touch with the Doherty Plumbing Solutions office today at:

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