How to light the Pilot Light on your hot water heater

Gas Plumbing Surrey Hills

A customer at Surrey Hills contacted our office to report that their hot water unit pilot light was going out every two to three days. George was on the scene promptly, and inspected the Aquamax unit.
As the water heater was almost 20-years-old, it was time for a replacement. George advised customer on replacement options, to find the best possible model based on their requirement.

Following consultation, a new Aquamax 390 hot water unit was installed. The old unit was drained, disconnected and removed from site. The brand-new heater unit was securely fitted with hot- and cold- water pipes connected. Unit was tested and hot water running beautifully.

We also provided the customer with the required warranty paperwork and Compliance Certificate.

Gas Plumbing Mont Albert North

Our licensed gas plumber Tim was called in to assist a customer at Mont Albert North, who had no hot water and their heater’s pilot light could not be relit.

Tim investigated the issue, cleaning out the unit’s burner assembly. A faulty thermocouple was found to be the cause and was replaced.

Our plumber tested the unit and it was back to working order.

Gas Plumbing Canterbury

Tim and Angus from the Doherty Plumbing Solutions crew attended a gas plumbing call at Canterbury, where a customer was left frustrated by their hot water unit pilot light going our intermittently for a whole week.

On closer inspection, Tim and Angus zeroed in on the problem. They cleaned the burner assembly and found the thermocouple safety switch was past its prime, so it was replaced.  Gas supply connections were tested and all was working fine. 

What is a pilot light?

For gas-powered water heaters, a small flame that serves as the primary source of ignition is referred to as the pilot light. When the heating unit is switched on, gas is supplied to the main burner and the pilot light fires the appliance, heating the water.

If the pilot light is not burning, the heater will be unable to supply hot water.

There may be various causes for a pilot light to go out, including strong winds, a faulty thermocouple, or the heater itself being past its prime.

How to light the pilot light?

So, what to do if the pilot light is extinguished? Can you fix it on your own? In most cases, you can re-light the pilot light.

Make sure to read all instructions carefully in your heater’s manual, as these might be specific notes regarding the make of your heating unit. 

Always remember – SAFETY FIRST! If you find it difficult to tackle the pilot light issue or smell leaking gas in the vicinity of the heater unit, turn off the gas supply and always call in a professional gas plumber such as Doherty Plumbing Solutions, who can assist you.

How There are a few general steps you can follow to re-light a pilot light:

  1. Locate the heater’s gas shut-off valve on its front lower section, and turn the regulator knob off.
  2. After waiting for about five minutes to let any unburnt gas clear off, turn the knob to ‘Pilot’ position and press it down. This will reinstate the gas supply.
  3. While holding the knob down, light the flame (either manually, or in some designs, using a pre-fitted ignition button).
  4. Keep holding the gas knob for about a minute, and once the light is steady, slowly release the knob.
  5. Turn the gas knob to the ‘On’ position, and it will light the main burner, indicated by a ‘whoosh’ sound.

Where can you get hot water plumbing service in Melbourne?

The team of licensed plumbers at Doherty Plumbing Solutions provide complete hot water services in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, including repairs, maintenance and replacements/installations.

When you choose Doherty Plumbing Solutions for your Melbourne hot water services, you will receive top-of-the-line, quality workmanship.

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