Getting summer-ready with the barbecue

We have turned the clock forward for Australian Daylight Savings, and sun-sational summer is on the horizon…
Let’s be honest! Everyone is eagerly looking forward to a relaxing barbecue in the backyard with friends and family on those long, sunswept evenings. We recommend considering some important summer barbecue safety tips!

Before you fire up the barbecue and cook up a storm to serve those grilled culinary delights on your patio, we have got a checklist to make sure you can enjoy the barbecue experience safely.

Whether you have a gas BBQ already installed, or if you are looking to get a new one, seeking advice from a licensed gas fitter is highly recommended. Licensed gas fitters are trained and qualified to perform any type of gasfitting work as well as gas plumbing maintenance.

The gas plumbing professionals at Doherty Plumbing Solutions can assist you to make sure all the gas safety regulations and permit requirements are met.

Why is regular maintenance necessary?

If you use a gas cooker for your outdoor barbecue adventures, it is essential to do a regular service of all the cooking equipment and gas supply lines. Being left outside (and possibly not used frequently during the winter months), these are exposed to the weather elements and can begin to show signs of wear and tear.

Having the gas valves, cylinders, supply connections and regulators checked by a plumbing professional is of utmost importance, to prevent a potential barbecue fire hazard. Give Doherty Plumbing Solutions a call and we will be happy to help so that your set-up at home ticks all the boxes.

Fire Rescue Victoria recommends making sure these connections are tight and secure, and the rubber ‘O’ rings are not cracked or split. It is also advised to avoid using barbecues in blustery conditions, as strong winds may blow out burners and increase the chances of a gas leak.

If you’re setting up new barbecue equipment, it is advisable to place it one meter apart from the nearest fencing, walls or other properties. It is also very important that the cooking and gas supply equipment are securely fitted on a flat ground, in a well-ventilated surrounding with no flammable materials in the immediate vicinity of the barbecue.

Advantages of a natural gas grill

It is becoming more common to switch to fitted backyard barbecue set-ups that utilise natural gas systems instead of the traditional Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) supplies.

Here are a few advantages of using natural gas barbecues:

  • Cost – Despite the slightly higher initial cost of setting up the grill equipment itself, it is a lot of savings in the long-run if you are powering your grill with natural gas instead of charcoal (heat beads / rocks) or propane (LPG).
  • Set-up – If your household already has a connection to the Council’s natural gas pipeline, it is far easier to simply connect your barbecue gas supply line to the main source. This provides a more steady supply of fuel for your cookouts, and you would not have to worry about refuelling your LPG tanks more often.
  • Greener and cleaner cooking – Natural gas is a cleaner fuel source compared to charcoal or propane, thus having a lesser environmental impact. This also results in generating lesser fumes from the cook-top, reducing chances of soot and mess being a bother afterwards.

If you are considering upgrading your LPG gas barbecue system to a natural gas one, why not get in touch with the licensed gas plumbers at Doherty Plumbing Solutions? Our experienced team will assess your situation and recommend the best possible solution.

Signs of gas leaks

Gas leaks from a barbecue are a very dangerous concern and must be carefully and immediately dealt with through the help of a professional gas plumber.

  • Look out for these common warning signs of a potential gas leakage.
  • Gas appliances emitting a discoloured flame
  • Unusually high gas bill
  • A sulphuric smell that is similar to rotten eggs
  • You suddenly develop a headache & nausea
  • Your indoor plants begin to wilt
  • A hissing or whistling noise near your barbecue
  • A dry patch of grass appears near a gas main
  • Any damages to your natural gas appliance connections or a gas pipe

Carbon Monoxide emitted from gas leaks can be a serious health hazard for pets and members of your household. To know more about gas appliance safety and Carbon Monoxide spillage tests, read our blog here.

Fire safety information

For more fire and barbecue safety information, please visit the following links.

You can also contact Energy Safe Victoria via info@energysafe.vic.gov.au or call 03 9203 9700 or 1800 800 158 (freecall).

For any emergencies, please always dial 000.

Where can I get help with gas barbecues and gas plumbing in Melbourne?

Hiring a highly experienced gas plumber is a must when it comes to gas plumbing. You can be assured of your safety first, thanks to the extensive experience of the gas-fitting team at Doherty Plumbing Solutions.

Doing gas plumbing right the first time ensures that you do not end up with a painful, long-term disaster difficult to fix. Our team of licensed gas fitters can advise you on any safety concerns and all our work is done in compliance with the latest Victorian gas safety regulations. A licensed plumber will provide a Compliance Certificate for all gas alteration works.

Doherty Plumbing Solutions’ gas plumbing services for all of your gas installation and repair needs are cost-effective. We will implement top-quality gas fitting and maintenance techniques, using the latest leak tracing technology, including the Soapy Water test.

Get in touch with the Doherty Plumbing Solutions office today at:

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