Low water pressure – I need help!

Plumbing Blackburn South

We received a call from a customer in Blackburn South, who reported low water pressure and no hot water to their household. The Doherty Plumbing Solutions office dispatched Tim and Kallista from our team to attend the property.

After investigating, they found that the main water line had been damaged due to garage construction works, leading to loss of pressure to the water flow.

Our crew got down to work, replacing the damaged section of the water pipe.

Great work team.

Plumbing Vermont South

A customer from Vermont South contacted the Doherty Plumbing Solutions office after they had begun experiencing low water pressure in the bathroom with water flow reducing to a slow dribble.

Our plumbing professional was at the scene promptly to assess the issue. It was found that the duo valve was faulty, and the fitting connected to the hot water unit was incorrectly aligned. These were subsequently disrupting the hot water flow.

After isolating the water supply to the water heater, our plumber replaced the duo valve and removed the existing tempering valve. The fitting was reworked to sort out the alignment and water pressure was tested. Everything was back to operating as it should.

Fantastic problem-solving skills, Tim!

What are the signs of low water pressure?

Inconsistent hot- and cold-water flow at your property can be very frustrating – whether you are a homeowner or have a commercial property. Some tell-tale signs can indicate the presence of low water pressure, as the case studies above highlight.

The biggest giveaway of poor water pressure is plumbing fixtures at your home or workplace not yielding enough water when taps are turned on in the kitchen or bathroom.

Dribbling showerheads are also indicators of low pressure in the property’s water flow.

Washing machines and dishwashers not working to their optimum capacity and taking longer to complete the cleaning cycles could potentially be due to weak water pressure.

Check the water pressure meter at your property. Australian standards stipulate ideal household water pressure at 500 kPa (kilo Pascal). Any reading below that will show signs of low water pressure.

What causes poor water pressure?

Reasons for low water pressure at home or office :

# Faulty valves – An underlying fault in the valve system of the property’s plumbing system (such as shutoff valve, water meter valve, etc.) can disrupt the water flow, causing reduction in water pressure.

# Faulty pressure regulator – These regulators help keep the water pressure levels balanced, such that high water pressure does not damage the plumbing connections. If these are not operating optimally, it could cause low or high water pressure.

# Pipe blockage – Organic debris or solid waste clogging the pipeline system could adversely affect water flow, and in turn, its pressure. Sediment build-up inside the pipeline narrows the diameter reducing water flow.

# Pipeline construction – If the pipeline construction at your property is not properly laid out, it prevents water from moving freely through the pipes. This could alter the water pressure, due to a blockage.

# Leaking plumbing fixtures – If a pipe develops a leak due to corrosion and damage, it also alters the water pressure and leads to loss of our precious resource.

Where can I get plumbing help in Melbourne’s east for low water pressure?

If you are concerned about low water pressure at your property, you need professional help from Doherty Plumbing Solutions.

Our team of experienced plumbers work across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and can help promptly detect the root cause and resolve the low water pressure at your home or business, with minimal disruption to you.

Check out the locations where we can assist you across Melbourne.

Contact the friendly team at Doherty Plumbing Solutions today.

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    I was very impressed with the service. From the time I made the phone call and all the costs were advised until I received a text message advising Tim would be at my place within 9 minutes. Tim was very professional and I will use your Company in future if I have any plumbing work to be done.
    Noel Harvey Avatar
    Noel Harvey
    Great service, arrived on time and fixed our burst garden pipe quickly. Very happy with the service, would use Doherty Plumbing again.
    Anna Stewart Avatar
    Anna Stewart
    Guys arrived on time ..they were very clear as to what our job required and in no time fixed our issue..I would highly recommend Doherty Plumbing!
    Janet halley Avatar
    Janet halley
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