The Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance for Schools & Childcare Facilities

Our team at Doherty Plumbing Solutions has extensive experience in ensuring that schools and childcare facilities maintain optimal plumbing systems. Recognizing the critical role of plumbing in providing a safe and hygienic environment for children, we prioritize regular maintenance to prevent disruptions and health risks.

Recently, we were called to a local school, Murrumbeena Primary School, where we repaired several roof leaks and repairs across their facilities. Maintenance of aging roof structures not only improves the function and longevity of the roof but reduces maintenance costs overall.

Our preventive approach also included servicing the school’s guttering and downpipes to manage stormwater effectively and prevent structural damage. During our maintenance visit, we identified and resolved minor roof leaks, which could have led to more significant issues if left unaddressed. Furthermore, we ensured that all sewage systems were clear of blockages to maintain a healthy and odour-free environment.

School toilets and urinals are heavily used and prone to frequent issues. We attend many schools in the Blackburn area, recently visiting Blackburn Lake Primary School, where our team efficiently repaired many faulty toilet and urinal issues implementing preventative measures to reduce future malfunctions. Additionally, St Thomas the Apostle Primary School called us to attend to blocked drinking fountains and basins to guarantee access to safe drinking water, a necessity in any educational setting.

At Doherty Plumbing Solutions, we are committed to delivering high-standard, reliable plumbing services. This is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our focus on ensuring that educational facilities can provide a secure, clean, and welcoming space for children. Our efforts not only solve immediate issues but also contribute to the long-term well-being and safety of the students and staff.

In educational and childcare settings, maintaining a safe and hygienic environment is paramount. Regular plumbing maintenance plays a critical role in ensuring these facilities remain safe, functional, and conducive to learning and play. Neglecting plumbing systems can lead to disruptions, health risks, and unexpected costs that could easily be avoided. This article highlights the importance of routine plumbing maintenance in schools and childcare facilities, outlining key areas that need attention to prevent common issues.


Toilet and Urinal Repairs

Toilets and urinals in schools and childcare facilities are subject to frequent use and, consequently, more wear and tear. For instance, a blocked urinal at a primary school could cause overflow issues, leading to unsanitary conditions and requiring emergency repairs. Regular checks and maintenance can prevent unpleasant malfunctions and blockages. Ensuring that these facilities are always functional is not only essential for hygiene but also for the comfort and dignity of users.

Maintaining Drinking Fountains and Basins

Access to clean and safe drinking water is crucial in any educational setting. Blocked or leaking drinking fountains and basins can be problematic, restricting access, cause water wastage and pose health risks. Scheduled cleaning and maintenance checks can identify and rectify such issues promptly, ensuring children always have access to clean drinking water.

Tap Repairs

Dripping taps are a common issue in many primary and high school facilities or childcare centres, leading to significant water loss. For example, a single leaky tap can waste gallons of water per day, unnecessarily increasing water bills. Regular maintenance can fix these leaks promptly, helping the facility conserve water and reduce expenses.

Guttering and Downpipe Repairs

Schools and childcare facilities often have large roofs that collect a lot of rainwater, which needs effective routing away from the building to prevent structural damage. For example, clogged gutters at a childcare centre could lead to water overflow and seepage into the building during heavy rain fall, potentially damaging both the exterior and interior. Regular cleaning and repair of these systems are crucial, especially before and after storm seasons.

Addressing Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can cause significant damage to buildings and classrooms in Melbourne, including structural issues and mould growth, which can exacerbate or cause health problems for children and staff. A minor roof leak can quickly become a major problem if not addressed. For instance, water intrusion from a leaky roof could damage ceilings and walls, leading to costly repairs and potential hazards like mould growth. Routine roof inspections and timely repairs are vital to ensure the integrity of the facility’s structure and indoor air quality.

Clearing Sewer Blockages

Sewer blockages can lead to serious sanitation issues. A blocked sewer line might cause toilets to back up, presenting a major health hazard. Regular drain machine cleaning of sewer lines can prevent these unpleasant and unhealthy situations.

Repairing Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can cause extensive water damage to a facility’s infrastructure and lead to costly repairs and interruptions in the school’s operations. Preventative maintenance and regular inspections during Melbourne’s colder months can help identify potential weak points and address them before they result in major issues.

Stormwater Blockages

Similar to guttering, ensuring that stormwater systems are unblocked and functional is crucial for managing heavy rainfall and preventing flooding. For example, a blocked stormwater drain could lead to significant water pooling in playgrounds or car parks, posing safety risks. Regular checks and clearances of these drains ensure that rainwater is effectively directed away from activity and traffic areas.

Water Service Renewals

Over time, water services erode impacting water quality and flow. For instance, an old galvanized pipe might corrode and leach into the water supply, affecting water quality. Regular assessments can determine when renewals are necessary, avoiding unexpected failures and ensuring compliance with current health and safety standards, and a clean, safe water supply.

Hot Water Services

A facility’s plumbing will include hot water that is used for cooking, cleaning, or heating. A malfunctioning hot water system can lead to scalding or no hot water at all. Maintaining the hot water system is crucial because regular servicing ensures these systems are efficient and safe, preventing scalding and energy wastage.

Gas Services

Gas leaks are dangerous and can be fatal. For schools and childcare facilities that use gas for heating or cooking, ensuring the safety of gas connections and appliances is non-negotiable. Regular checks and maintenance prevent gas leaks, which are a serious safety risk. For example, an annual inspection might catch a small leak at a connection point in a school kitchen before it becomes hazardous.


Regular plumbing maintenance in schools and childcare facilities is not just about preventing inconveniences; it’s about ensuring safety, promoting health, and preserving the facility’s infrastructure. By implementing a proactive and comprehensive maintenance schedule, educational institutions can provide a safer, healthier environment conducive to learning and growth.

Our team of skilled and licensed plumbers understands the importance of providing a safe environment. We’re here to chat with you about how regular plumbing upkeep is a proactive approach that safeguards the well-being of children and staff alike.

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