Water Renewal Services in Melbourne

Why do I need hot and cold-water renewal services?

Water is supplied to your household or workplace from a water main in your street, which is then connected to a water meter on your property. This supplies water to your fixtures. Hence, it is essential to regularly maintain the hot and cold-water mains network in your property, to ensure consistent delivery and water quality. Our water renewal specialists can assist you!

If you detect any problem with your water mains connection, a licensed plumbing service like Doherty Plumbing Solutions is your best bet in dealing with the issue – reliably, promptly and in a cost-effective way.

When do I need hot and cold-water renewal services?

There are certain warning signs that indicate it is time to undertake renewal works for your water service line.

High water bills

Sometimes, there can be an abnormally high water bill but with no obvious signs of pipe damage. This might be a sign to undertake renewal service, as there is the possibility of a hidden leak somewhere. Checking your water meter can reveal if there is a slow leak in an unseen area.

Low water pressure

A dip in water pressure in your property’s supply network could call for urgent repairs, as a blocked or a damaged pipe might be an underlying cause for this.

Pest problems

A sudden increase in pest problems around your property could be indicative of a leakage somewhere, as these are drawn towards moisture accumulating near the affected area(s).

Taste and discolouration

If there is a damaged pipe, there may be an unusual smell in the water supply or the colour of your water may be brown. Drinking water from the tap might also smell odd or slightly metallic.

Visible signs

Brownish-orange stains on appliances using water (such as heaters), or rust and corrosion, are visible signs of your water mains requiring a renewal service. Prolonged leaks could also leave watermarks on walls.

Are there wet or soggy areas in your garden? Are the foundations of your home shifting or forming cracks in your walls? These could also point to leaks in the water mains.

Where can I get help for water mains renewal in Melbourne?

The Doherty Plumbing Solutions crew service the following regions within Melbourne across the eastern and the south-eastern suburbs: click here.

We can assist customers with all types of hot and cold-water renewals, with minimal disruption to you and your household/workplace. Following an initial inspection, we can advise on the plumbing works required, and provide an estimate on the price.

To have a chat with the team, please contact us:

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    The team from Doherty Plumbing responded promptly to my emergency call to unblock the sewer drain in our backyard. Tim and Angus were professional, courteous and thorough in their work. I highly recommend this business to take care of your plumbing issues.
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    Donna O'Keeffe
    Fantastic service. I called with a question about my hot water service and within 24hrs Brian had been out and fixed the problem. Great service, great turnaround times and fair pricing too.
    Emily Kermac Avatar
    Emily Kermac
    Had a very positive experience with Doherty Plumbing. Easy to book, scheduled conveniently and on the day George went above and beyond to do a great job and go the extra mile with cleaning up. Very happy and would definitely use again.
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    David Spong
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