What Are Some Signs of Roof Leaks?

How do I know if my roof is leaking?

Is that recurring mould or that pesky yellow spot on your ceiling causing you frustration? This could be a tell-tale sign that your roof is leaking. While some signs of roof leaks are more obvious than others, it is vital to quickly locate a roof leak and prevent any potential long-term damage to your home, as well as immediate safety risks such as electrical faults.

This blog explores a few of the most common signs of roof leaks whilst highlighting the more elusive indicators of a potential roof leak.

Mould and Mildew

Whereas mould is darker in appearance, mildew is a lighter white or grey, with each giving out an offensive odour.

Both evolve due to dampness, resulting from moisture accumulation. The source of this moisture can be hard to detect outright.

Apart from its offensive smell and unsightly appearance, if left untreated, mould and mildew will release tiny spores that float through the air. These spores have the potential to cause health issues among household members, especially those suffering from ailments such as asthma.

So, if you detect persistent mould or mildew appearing indoors despite good ventilation, it’s time to get a licensed and experienced plumber from Doherty Plumbing Solutions in to investigate.

Water stains

Water Stains indoors and/or outside on the roof are a more prominent mark of a roof leak.

Inside the ceiling, a visible yellow or brown stain emerging in specific patterns could be a symptom that water is trickling through penetrations in the structure, especially during heavy downfalls of rain.

Whilst on the external roof, dark stains over the roof tiles can indicate that moisture is starting to take hold.

Wet patches and water discolouration on a wooden surface affected by prolonged wetness, e.g., in your attic, roof rafters and beams, could also be indications of an underlying leakage. Doherty Plumbing Solutions can help you assess the situation and discuss your options.

Dripping sound (but you cannot see water anywhere!)

Even after you have got no water running inside the bathroom or in your kitchen, you might still be hearing the tapping sound of water dripping on the ceiling. This could be an annoying but worrying experience, especially on a quiet night!

This sort of dripping sound can also be attributed to another plumbing issue from a concealed water pipe, which could be leaking. Don’t wait for a small drip to become a bigger problem. Give Doherty Plumbing Solutions a call and one of our friendly plumbing staff will be happy to assist.

Roof tiles

Concrete or terracotta tiles need to be maintained regularly, to detect signs of damage and normal wear and tear from the effects of weather elements. If these begin to crack, roof leaks could become a possibility in the long run – letting rain water percolate through the gaps.

Leaking shower base

If there is a leaky shower base in your bathroom, coupled with additional warning signs associated with dampness (such as water stains on the walls/ceiling/carpet, or discoloured sealant around the bases of bathroom fittings), these could be a sign of an underlying seepage through the walls.

It is vital to tackle this issue promptly with the help of a licensed plumber, to avoid long-term damage to the internal structure.

Where can I get help to fix roof leaks?

At Doherty Plumbing Solutions, we offer quick and reliable roof plumbing and repair solutions for our customers across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Our team of roofing specialists will diagnose signs of possible roof leaks and isolate the cause. Following consultation with you, our licensed plumbers will then perform necessary renovations at affordable prices.

To discuss your roofing concerns, contact us today!

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