What’s that hammering noise?

Why do I hear a hammering noise coming from my pipes? Is this a common plumbing issue and how can Doherty Plumbing Solutions help?

Emergency plumbing Glen Waverley

An anxious customer from Glen Waverley reached out to us, suspecting a fault in their hot water plumbing connection. They had heard strange noises coming from the pipework when the hot water taps were turned off in their laundry, bathroom and powder room.

Doherty Plumbing Solutions’ licensed plumbing professional George was at the scene to resolve the problem.

After an inspection, George detected the cause of the noise was water hammer occurring inside the connection.

He looked into the Aquamax gas storage heater unit outside the building and located the faulty duo valve that was quite old. After isolating the water supply, George replaced the old valve and re-connected the supply line directly to hot water outlet. Then, the plumbing fixtures inside the house were all tested. The situation was much improved!

Well done, George.

What is ‘water hammer’ effect?

Water hammer, or hydraulic shock, involves a sudden shock experienced by the water flow inside a pipeline, after it has encountered a blockage (such as a shut-off valve). Once the flowing water hits this block, the water molecules’ tendency is to retrace their flow in the opposite direction, when they collide with the incoming molecules. This sudden change in direction of the water creates a huge pressure surge moving pipes, causing a banging sound.

How can high water pressure damage pipes?

The increased pressure build-up due to a water hammer effect can not only damage pipelines, but also cause cracks that lead to water leaks. They can even harm the various valve systems in the plumbing connections, snowballing into additional effects on connected appliances. For example, it can blow off the diaphragm in pressure tanks resulting in irregular water flow, or affect water meters.

How to tackle the water hammer issue?

It is crucial to maintain the pipelines regularly with the help of professional services, such as Doherty Plumbing Solutions. Undertaking checks of the pipework, ensuring there are no blockages, and fitting pipes in correct alignment, are important first steps that can help in the long run.

Additional measures could also include the following:

  • Fitting valves that close slowly to prevent sudden blockage.
  • Ensuring pipelines have built-in provisions for air chambers, which act as shock absorbers to reduce the effects of accumulating pressure.

Who can help with water hammer issues?

Don’t let a water hammer issue cause extensive damage to the plumbing connections and fixtures. Act fast, TODAY!

At Doherty Plumbing Solutions, we are here to help you tackle the bang and prevent a potential disaster in your home or business.

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    We had a leak in our Hot Water Service. James diagnosed the most likely cause over the phone. They came and repaired the problem that day. Tim was prompt and polite and the issue was fixed.
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    Second time I've used doherty's, first did full storm water drainage, second new hot water system. Great work from the whole team both times. Definitely will use again and also recommend them.
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    We have been using Doherty’s Plumbing for a number of years now and they are always on time, professional and very thorough. We are extremely pleased with all the work they have done for us. I would highly recommend them for any and all plumbing work you require.
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