Why is roof plumbing maintenance necessary?

Doherty Plumbing Solutions can assist you with your roof plumbing maintenance. Hear how we’ve assisted customers with previous roof plumbing repairs.

Roof plumbing Blackburn South

The Doherty Plumbing Solutions licensed roof plumbing team was recently called in to attend a roof leak report at a Blackburn South property. Water was seeping through over the laundry area.

There was no sign of damage on the ceiling of the single-storey house. We located the cause of the leak – the accumulation of leafy debris in the rain head and box gutter.

The laundry roof, box gutters and rain head were cleared, along with the downpipes and rainwater tank screen. Water tests were performed with no more water leaking.

Our roof plumbing professional suggested to the customer that the roof, gutters and downpipes be inspected and cleaned every 6 months to prevent future leak issues from occurring.

Roof plumbing Blackburn

Tim and George from our plumbing crew tackled the regular roof cleaning job for a local Church in the area. As part of the maintenance order, we clean the roofing at this property at least twice every year.

Large sections of the roof areas needed attention. The metal roof pitch area over the Church was cleared off pine debris. Various downpipes and box gutter on different sides of the building were cleared of any organic build-up.

The bases of stormwater pipes and pits also needed a thorough clean, to do away with any possibility of blockage in the future.

The roof is ready to weather any heavy rainfall this Winter.
Well done, Tim and George!

Roof plumbing Melbourne

Are you confused as to why the roof at your household or workplace is leaking? Is that recurring mould or that pesky yellow spot on your ceiling causing you frustration?

If accumulated debris and leaves block the gutters and downpipes, this can cause overflowing and subsequent leakage of water into your home or office.

Depending on the prevalence of trees on and around the property, roof cleaning and guttering maintenance must be scheduled regularly. Regular cleaning of stormwater entry points, gutters and downpipes, and checking them for signs of blockage will prevent long-term damage to the building structure.

Twice yearly roof cleaning is often sufficient for most properties – just before winter or heavy rains is a good time to ensure clogged gutters and downpipes do not cause accumulation of water, and ultimately leakage.

Organic matter is the most common enemy of the stormwater pipes…Downpipes and gutters are built to carry rainwater during a heavy downpour. The gushing water, in turn, carries with it any environmental matter on its way, including leaves, dirt, tree bark fragments, and so on.

These start to decompose, and the prolonged build-up of the resulting residue in the pipelines can cause a blockage, if not cleared away regularly.

Physical installations such as leaf diverters, gutter guards, filters at stormwater grates will prevent the entry of unwanted objects and debris into the pipeline, thus reducing the chances of blockage. Prevention is the best course of protection.

Where can I get help to with regular roof maintenance?

At Doherty Plumbing Solutions, we offer quick and reliable roof plumbing, maintenance and leak repair solutions for our customers across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. We cater to both residential and commercial properties.

Our team of roofing specialists will diagnose signs of possible roof leaks and isolate the cause. Following consultation with you, our team will then perform necessary renovations at affordable prices.

To discuss your roofing concerns, contact us today!

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    Great experience - notified me when they were coming and knew exactly how to fix a difficult problem in lightning time.
    The Crack Avatar
    The Crack
    Very appreciative of Doherty Plumbing Solutions for their prompt and excellent service at a particularly busy time of the year in the lead up to Christmas. Attended same day we rang them! Highly recommended.
    John Frazzetto Avatar
    John Frazzetto
    We have been using Doherty’s Plumbing for a number of years now and they are always on time, professional and very thorough. We are extremely pleased with all the work they have done for us. I would highly recommend them for any and all plumbing work you require.
    Christine Rutherford Avatar
    Christine Rutherford
    For reliable plumbing services, call 03 9877 5775 or 0417 577 432