The biggest factors that affect water quality

There are several factors to consider when trying to work out what might affect water quality in your home or office. Doherty Plumbing Solutions has assisted many customers with improving their water quality.

Water Services Forest Hill

The Doherty Plumbing Solutions crew was called into a customer’s property at Forest Hill after they reported stains in their water supply. Furthermore, the water pressure was poor in a few outlets inside the home and their rear garden tap.

Our plumbing team inspected the sub-floor cold water supply piping and found that the old steel water supply connections were causing pressure problems.

The team disconnect the old pipeline and installed new cold water piping to the laundry area, bathroom and rear garden tap. All taps were then tested – the pressure was back to strong, and the water quality was much improved and cleaner.

Water Services Vermont South

A customer at Vermont South reached out to our office and explained that their kitchen tap hot water supply was irregular and cloudy.

Our licensed plumbing expert George responded to the call promptly and checked the quality of hot water, which was cloudy. The tank of the customer’s Aquamax 205 storage hot water heater was 10-years-old, and when heated, the water appeared cloudy due to mineral sedimentation. He recommended that only the cold water be used for drinking. If concerned, a sediment filter could be installed to improve water quality.

What affects water quality?

Having access to safe and clean water for use at your home or workplace is important. The quality of water you use not only affects your health, but also affects the efficiency of the plumbing fixtures and appliances at your property.
There are several factors that affect the quality of the water you receive.

One of the most significant factors affecting water quality, both organic (such as bacteria) and non-organic pollutants (oil, grease, fat, chemicals in detergents and pesticides) are hazards to a safe and clean water supply.
The garbage produced from human habitats can also lead to pollution of water, when the debris make their way to the water source as runoff, particularly during heavy rains.

Water naturally has different levels of minerals dissolved in it. If the water quality is ‘hard’, these mineral concentrations lead to deposits known as sediments. The same principle applies to natural soil erosion, which could make its way to the underground water source and into your water supply.
The prolonged build-up of these sediments in the plumbing connections can affect water quality (e.g., making water cloudy, or sometimes even giving it a funny smell).

pH balance
This measure helps to gauge how acidic and/or alkaline the water is. High pH levels give water a bitter taste, and leads to sediment deposits in water pipes and appliances. Low pH values, conversely, will cause corrosion or dissolve metals.

Plumbing systems
Sedimentation inside plumbing fixtures could lead to costly repair bills if not dealt with promptly, as they can damage pipelines and reduce water pressure. Deposits in hot water heater storage tanks could also lead to the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Additionally, old iron or lead pipes could affect water quality due to the accumulation of rust.
All of these factors can cause serious water contamination and pose health risks if the affected water is consumed.

This refers to the salt levels naturally present in water. Poor land management and irrigation practices could lead to introduction of more salt content into water sources, thus affecting its quality.

Acid sulfate soils
Soil naturally rich in metal sulfide content is referred to as ‘acid sulfate soils’. When these mineral components make their way into water sources, it negatively impacts the quality by altering the pH and the dissolved oxygen levels.

Managing water quality

If limescale deposits in your bathroom or kitchen show no signs of going away through simple wiping or scrubbing, you could tackle these mineral deposits using the following methWhile not all factors affecting water quality can be controlled, there are a few steps that can reduce the adverse impacts.

Water softeners

A water softener system installed in your household or workplace in Melbourne can significantly enhance the water quality for your regular usage.

A water softener primarily aims to reduce the mineral content in the water that increases its hardness. This mechanism replaces the magnesium and calcium concentrations in the water with sodium or potassium, i.e., exchanges these ions, thereby improving water quality.

To learn more about the benefits of water softeners, read our blog here.

Setting up a water filter in your home or workplace will also help improve water quality. Various types of water filters cater to specific requirements, with a combination of filtration methods such as reverse osmosis, distillation, and so on. To discuss which filtration system will be the best fit for you, talk to one of the plumbing professionals at Doherty Plumbing Solutions.

How is a water softener different from a water filter?

While a water softener reduces the amount of minerals in the water, water filtration helps tackle the presence of contaminants in it, such as bacteria, rust sediments, etc. A softener treats the water chemically. Filters utilise physical barriers to improve water quality.

Therefore, a water softener and a water filter can be installed simultaneously in your Melbourne residence or workplace, as per personal requirements and preferences.

For more information on water quality management, please visit – https://www.waterquality.gov.au/guidelines

Need help managing water quality?

Contact the qualified plumbing team at Doherty Plumbing Solutions. Our fully trained and licensed plumbers can discuss your requirements step-by-step and advise solutions that are affordable and practical to you.

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