What are the signs of blocked stormwater drains?

Overflowing downpipes and gutters in your home or workplace causing headaches during the wet winter months? We know the feeling…

It might be a warning sign of blocked stormwater drains.

What is the difference between sewerage pipes and stormwater drains?

The sewer network in a property drains the wastewater from bathrooms and kitchens into the underground sewerage. Whereas separate stormwater networks connected to the downpipes help funnel the excess rainwater into the underground drains.

The stormwater drains are an essential component of a building’s overall structure. They aid in preventing the accumulation of rainwater that could otherwise damage the structure’s integrity due to excess moisture.

What are the signs of stormwater drain blockage?

Detection of blocked stormwater drains may not always be obvious but there are some signs you can look for to help you determine when it’s time to give Doherty Plumbing Solutions a call. To detect possible indications of blocked stormwater drains, look out for the following 5 most common signs.

Downpipes not draining quickly

When the flowing rainwater takes a long time to drain through the downpipes or is overflowing during heavy rains, this can be a sign of a blocked stormwater connection.

Unpleasant odour

If the stormwater pipes are indeed blocked due to the accumulation of organic debris (such as leaves and soil), these get mixed with the stagnant water inside the pipeline and begin to decompose. This decaying organic matter gives rise to foul-smelling hydrogen sulphide gas.

Excess stagnation of water during the rains, coupled with warm weather conditions, can also lead to the growth of mould, which is another possible indicator of blocked stormwater pipes.

Discolouration on walls and/or ceiling

If you see yellow or brown water stains indoors on the walls and the ceiling, and/or outside on the roof, this could be the mark of a potential stormwater blockage, caused by internal trickling of water.

Wet patches due to water discolouration on a wooden surface, affected by prolonged wetness, e.g., in your attic, roof rafters and beams, could also be indications of rainwater not draining properly through the stormwater downpipes outside.

Cracked stormwater drains

If stormwater drains show signs of cracking, this could be due to growing tree roots entering the pipework. Over time, these cracks could lead to burst pipes.

Flooding near stormwater grates

Flooding or pooling of water around stormwater inspection points is a giveaway for possible blocked stormwater drains. During a downpour, this issue might escalate, causing further damages and problems.

Wet patches on the grass surface around stormwater grates are another indication of moisture accumulating in the soil around the area.

Where can I get plumbing help for blocked stormwater pipes in Melbourne’s east?

If you detect tell-tale signs of possible blocked stormwater drainage, you need professional help from a licensed plumber. Doherty Plumbing Solutions is happy to assist!

Our team of experienced plumbers work across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and can help promptly detect the root cause and resolve the issue at your home or business, with minimal disruption to you.

We have access to drain cameras and drain machines that can accurately diagnose plumbing problems related to stormwater blockage if required, and help with the cleaning process.

Contact the friendly team at Doherty Plumbing Solutions today.

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